Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Vintage Entrex 480 DCC D116 mini computer, DG nova clone ("The Lost Entrex")

In the words of the original seller of this auction, May 2017:

Vintage Entrex 480 Mini Computer

There is not a lot of information in regard to this computer on the internet although  google search will net some information.   

This is the computer component of a larger Entrex data entry system from the early 70s.  This CPU is based on if not build by Digital Controls Corporation(DCC).   

It is physical appearance if very similar to the DCC D-116 (see the last photo).  Indeed it contains a DCC CPU board and a DCC Synchronous communications controller board.  

It also contains a Entrex Disk controller board and an Entrex Tape controller board.  

Finally it has 4 Entrex Core memory boards of 8K each.   Most likely a very rare computer.