Entrex Ads

Computerworld - July 21, 1971 - Page 7

Computerworld - November 1, 1972 - Page 15
Computerworld - November 28, 1973 - Page 22

And the same ad as just above, but scanned "a little lighter":

DATAMATION - 1973 - Page 76-77 & 122

From the Google preview:
And reduce the cost of data preparation substantially while dramatically increasing throughput We know System 280 performs because it comes from ENTREX, makers of the most powerful key- to-disk system on the market- The ENTREX 480. Here are the facts: System 280's central processor provides 2.4 million characters of intermediate disk storage and controls up to 8 DATA/SCOPE keystations. System 280's DATA/SCOPES are just like those in other ENTREX systems. Featuring ...

CIPS Computer Magazine - 1973 - Volume 4, Issues 1-10 - Page 37
Based on the Google preview, we suspect that this ad is identical to the Meet the family ads shown above:

Yes, I'd like to meet the ENTREX family of key-to-disk systems. Please tell me how we can get together and know each other better. I'm interested in a demonstration ? I'd like literature only ? 

The below two images were reconstructed by Upwork Freelancer using part of the complete low-resolution image from Computerworld - September 4, 1974 - Page 25 (featured further below)

Based on the Google preview, we suspect that this ad is identical to the Meet the family ads shown above:
The ENTREX System 480 is the best thing yet in key-to-disk data entry. Its powerful processor provides up to 10,000,000 bytes of intermediate disk storage and controls up to 32 DATA /SCOPE keystations. It features an easy-to-use CRT and our exclusive HELP! key (notice how many look-alikes there are since we introduced the DATA/SCOPE three years ago?). Today, more than 200 System 480's, with more than 3,000 DATA /SCOPES are installed across the country. And now we ...

But Entrex, a next-door neighbor and head-to-head competitor of Inforex, sees it differently. Entrex was convinced there was a market worth up to $150 million for a low-priced scanner that could operate in a shared processor environment, and set out to find a basic "Model T" that it could use with its System 480 line of data entry systems. Voila this month Entrex is announcing what it describes as the first mixed-media system designed specifically for low- to-moderate volume key-to-disc ...
And, for safekeeping, I archived this Google preview page here.

Ironically, 1974 Volume 7 Number 1 of this magazine is available in PDF over at Bitsavers.org, yet I cannot find the phrase that Google previews, and I quite just above, or what I show in the image below.  So, it must be from a different number within Volume 7:
Google must be mistaken on the volume number or something here, because we download the PDF from Bitsavers.org and OCR-d it and searched it....no Entrex!  We even put human eyes on every page...still nothing.  Sorry!

This is the FIRST mention of the 
System 180
Entrex 180
Entrex 580

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Computerworld - Apr 26, 1976 - Page 33

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