Sunday, February 5, 2023

Entrex "Redifon Seecheck" system located on web page from 2003 - scrapped long ago unfortunately

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Translated from Czech:

Many of you can't imagine life without computers, it would be hard for an accountant today to calculate wages without a payroll program, the youth would probably be bored without Doom or Unreal Tournaments. Even the price of regular PCs is getting lower and lower and so these are now commonly available to members of households. 

It wasn't always that simple. The proof is in these photographs of the now scrapped Redifon system, which was used until 1996 to prepare the payroll and cost accounting for the company. The whole thing consisted of about 30 terminals, two tape drives, one hard drive (and a heavy one at that), three high-speed cylinder-head printers, and one central unit (if memory serves, it was run by an 8080 CPU and had 128kB of RAM).
Terminals (or Redifon "Workstation")
External memory drive with an incredible 40MB (very decent for the time)
Control computer with i8080 CPU (Redifon "Server") + tape
High speed printer (speed 800 characters per second - that's a page in 1,5 sec !!! )
That's how it was back then !!!

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