Sunday, January 23, 2022

Nixdorf 620 Terminals (Entrex Data/Scope) spotted on Denmark? Or Australia?

January 23, 2022

So, does NoResponsibility3745 own them?  Do they intend to preserve them?  Sell them?  What is the status?  Well, since Jan 23, NoResponsibility3745 has been silent, so we may never know.  I have sent NoResponsibility3745 a direct message, as well as left a reply in the reddit post thread.  

Hopefully we will hear an update someday soon, and these terminals can be preserved and/or restored.  And maybe even reunited with one of our restored systems to run their proprietary communication once again!


Update:  Based on this recent reddit post from January 17, 2023, it appears that NoResponsibility3745 is from Denmark, and currently lives in Australia:

Jeg er en 21 årige dansk-australia som har boet i Danmark i 4 år og er lige flyttet tilbage til Australien nu her for et par måneder siden. 

I am a 21 year old Danish-Australian who has lived in Denmark for 4 years and just moved back to Australia a couple of months ago. 

So, were these Nixdorf/Entrex "Data/Scope" Terminals in Denmark, or Australia?  Based on the timeline, the original post was made on January 23, 2022.  This post is from January 17, 2023, and by the sentence above, it sounds like NoResponsibility3745 was in Denmark from ~2019 to Oct-Nov 2022.  Following this logic, NoResponsibility3745 would have been in Denmark at the time that the original post was made to Reddit.  So, were they indeed in Denmark?  Are they still?  We continue to hold out hope that they can be found...

All of my messages and replies to NoResponsibility3745 on reddit have yet gone unanswered.  I'd still love to hear from you, NoResponsibility3745, so please reply if you ever have a chance, thanks so much!