Monday, August 20, 2018

Vintage Computer ENTREX NIXDORF SIEMENS Very Rare Collectible Advertising Sign

2023-07 NOW down to $175!

I've asked the seller about where, when, and how he/she acquired this fantastic item.  I received this reply:  

New message from: nrs1 Top Rated Seller(3,434Red Star)

When I worked as a tech in the final test area there in Burlington, I put it on my office wall and it was quite a surprise to all who visited. One of a kind - I think ! 

I wonder if this was a proof for a 2-page ad published in industry magazines, such as the ones we see in ComputerWorld in the early 70s, as I show in "Entrex Ads"

Very Rare Vintage Collectible Computer Advertising Sign



Sign was distributed back in 1975 as a promotion
of a small computer business Entrex in Burlington
Massachusetts that was later purchased by Nixdorf
and then finally by Siemens.
Entrex advertised that it was the best system for the cost
back in the day ... building 20 systems per month.
This is a very rare sign and sold as-is with no returns.
The sign measures 17" X 11"
A real nice piece of vintage computer history.

UPDATE:  September 3, 2019:
Apparently just after the 1-year mark of the original listing, the seller changed the description to:

Vintage Sexy Computer ENTREX NIXDORF SIEMENS Rare Collectible advertising sign

and increased the price from $295 to $495.