Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Nixdorf Mini Computer SIEMENS Rare Collectible 16-bit System 480 Front Panel (Brief eBay "flash")

Interesting item from the same seller as this removable front panel:

(while the eBay ID is different, it is the same seller, Dick Dubois, former Entrex engineer)

In one day, the listing was created, then removed, and not yet relisted.  Interesting, since he has another one nearly identical, that has been listed steadily for 3.5 years or more.  What happened to this one?
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Monday, March 6, 2023

Nixdorf 600/55 "Trapezoid" terminals in use at Brooksville, FL courthouse September 1982

Nixdorf 600/ 55 computer system improved record keeping at the Hernado County Circuit Court, where thousands of pieces of information are processed and stored 

September 20, 1982

The new Nixdorf 600 / 55 computer system has improved record keeping at the courthouse to the point where a person using one of the terminals will be able to locate a document delivered to the building as recently as 15 minutes earlier.

Hernando Times Staff Writer

BROOKSVILLE -- It almost has become passe to marvel at the wonderful things computers can do to make our lives easier.

But perhaps nowhere are the benefits of "computer age" more apparent than in an office like that of the cleark of the Hernando County Circuit Court, where thousands of pieces of information are processed and stored each day.

The clerk's office got its first computer in 1974, but that machine was mainly to produce "hard copy" -- computer printouts that simplified the process of finding any of the many records stored at the courthouse, according to Harold Brown, the circuit court....

We just bought this photo, and the moment we did, the original page disappeared.


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