Sunday, August 25, 2019

Vintage Computer ENTREX NIXDORF SIEMENS OLD Rare Collectible 16-bit Front Panel

I was first notified of this auction on July 20, 2019.  This was being sold by Dick DuBois, a former employee of Entrex/Nixdorf during the reign of this system.  So, he would certainly be able to verify its origin.

He sold it on Aug 25, 2019 , 1:05AM (36 days later) for his ask of $295 (but not to me, sorry).  Congrats, Dick, and I'd love to hear from the person who bought it, to hear the story behind its meaning to them, and how they may intend to use it.  So, if you're reading this, please click the contact tab at the top of my website here, and drop me an email!

My novice commentary: This appears to be most similar to a "half-height" DCC D-116 front panel, but clearly different, in that it is lacking all branding and model markings, the key/lock tumbler barrel switch and/or hole for such.  (more differences noted by me at the bottom of this post)

It does indeed look very utilitarian, as if it was truly intended solely for testing, and never to be placed with a customer.  Dick confirms this in his auction description, below.

But I'd love to get the feedback of someone more knowledgeable on this system.  From my Digital Computer Controls - D-116 16-Bit Computer Handbook, here's the comparison:
Original eBay Auction Sold                       eBay Auction Archive
Very Rare Vintage Collectible Computer 16 Bit Front Panel
This panel measures 19" X 5"
and was mounted in the front of the
CPU chassis during troubleshooting.
It was not usually left on site.
We are not sure if it still works
so we are selling it as - no returns
A real nice piece of vintage computer history.
Nice collector's item.

NOTE that this panel contains an extra light in the upper right, called "EXT".  That also does not seem present on my D-116 front panel image, nor is it on any of my "full-height" Entrex 480 front face images.
Initially, I was very excited to see this auction, but later decided that it wasn't worth the price for my purposes, mostly because there was nothing on it that uniquely identified it as Entrex, such as the top half with the Entrex 480-specific system switches and lights, or the orange lettering and lines, some with the  Entrex 480 lettering, such as these:  
If it had that, I would certainly have been much more interested, and acted quickly.

My novice commenting further, apparently, there were many iterations of the D-116, such as this one, with lots of specialized stuff above the switches, as we can see in this image I fished off the internet, posted in March of 2016 on

I'd love to hear YOUR feedback on this, especially if you have insight, or if you would like to share your pictures of front panels related to this.  Thank you!

UPDATE 09/23/2019
Well, looks like it might not have it's being relisted, and I'm noticing identical photos, with identical blemishes on the face, indicating not a 2nd panel, but a relisting of the first (and only?) panel.

Update 01/06/2023
Still for sale, price only dropped $50 over this 3.5 year period.  

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