Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Nixdorf Dumb Terminal 1970's and 1979 Nixdorf modem (Bray, Wicklow, Ireland)


My closer photo analysis leads me to believe that this is indeed
which means that the person who posted this ad 3 years ago is likely the one who bought it from Matteo on eBay in 2008-2009 

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I'm selling my beloved Nixdorf Terminal and modem. The terminal came all the way from Italy - Rome to be precise - where it was found in a Barn! I've owned it for 7 years. It cost around €110 alone to ship at the time!

It powers on and the fan kicks up, but the display is garbled. Who knows, it may be a loose connection somewhere or a chip issue. Not bad given it's age and history I guess! It's time to pass this on to someone who can investigate it further. As is, it's a fascinating slice of history being as it is over 40 years old.

The Modem came from the U.S., and was bought around the same time. It was manufactured in 1979. These are unique items that I'm selling reasonably priced as I'd like the space they're taking up. Needless to say, these are for collection, Bray area.

Thanks for looking!

I am hoping that we can find the seller of this, since the ad was withdrawn 3 years ago, but the seller still seems somewhat active.  We will try.  If you are the owner of this terminal, please contact us here!  Thank you!

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