Monday, March 26, 2018

ENTREX / NIXDORF COMPUTER 8K core memory board & stack 480 16 bit 15" (PL-62-45-01391-000)


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ENTREX INC. / NIXDORF COMPUTER (Burlington Massachusetts)
8K core memory board & stack
Pulled from a retired Entrex / Nixdorf Model 480 System
15" X 15" 16 bit Data General Nova Base Board from the mid 1970's
Date codes on most of the IC's are 1974.
The sticker on the back indicates it was inspected by quality assurance in 1975.
Memory Board is 15" X 15"
Chances are the stack was made by EMM but didn't want to remove the cover.
It probably still works but there is no way to test.
32 Data Terminals were connected to the 480 system running with 4 of these boards.
The hardware & software was incredible to maintain data transfer
of 32 keypunch operators typing all at once on just 32K of memory.
A very rare find & real nice piece of vintage & early computer history.
Being sold as is with no returns due to the age.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Vintage Nixdorf Entrex Mini Computer Mag Tape 280 380 480 System Collectible

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Here we have a very collectable "Magnetic Tape" that was used on the ENTREX & NIXDORF

16 Bit 280, 380 & 480 Mini Computers back in the early 1980's.

This is a brand new unopened 200' tape that was used to backup data and programs way back in the day.

Very rare and hard to find still in the unopened factory sealed package.
The tape has a date code of 8521 - 1985 21st week  (33 years old).

It has a yellow "write ring" in the back to enable writing or if you remove the label it was write protected.

The black piece on the top of the tape is the locking dust cover and had a hook on it to hang it in tape storage units.

Very nice and interesting piece of vintage computer history.