Monday, March 26, 2018

ENTREX / NIXDORF COMPUTER 8K core memory board & stack 480 16 bit 15" (PL-62-45-01391-000)


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ENTREX INC. / NIXDORF COMPUTER (Burlington Massachusetts)
8K core memory board & stack
Pulled from a retired Entrex / Nixdorf Model 480 System
15" X 15" 16 bit Data General Nova Base Board from the mid 1970's
Date codes on most of the IC's are 1974.
The sticker on the back indicates it was inspected by quality assurance in 1975.
Memory Board is 15" X 15"
Chances are the stack was made by EMM but didn't want to remove the cover.
It probably still works but there is no way to test.
32 Data Terminals were connected to the 480 system running with 4 of these boards.
The hardware & software was incredible to maintain data transfer
of 32 keypunch operators typing all at once on just 32K of memory.
A very rare find & real nice piece of vintage & early computer history.
Being sold as is with no returns due to the age.


2018-03-26 - I've contacted the seller to lean more information about the system this was pulled from.  Do they have any other components?  Let's hope!

Richard Dubois
I worked for Entrex and left when Nixdorf Siemens started to mess everything up with a move to Cambridge. 1972 - 1989 then started my own business. 

I bought the entire computer room of the engineering department in 1989 - after they moved out to go to Cambridge. It was worth a lot and I stored it for many years & I did make thousands for the past 29 years but finally I had to give up the storage unit and sell the rest for scrap due to the cost of renting. I have sold most of it but still have parts & pieces here and there. 

I did work with Ralph [Atenasio] in the Software Development group for many many years. He was a real cool guy and we would often have a few laughs from time to time. I was a manager in the engineering development department for over 10 years after working in assembly, test, field engineering and finally the research & development building. I started working for Entrex in 1972 - through the transition of Nixdorf and then finally to the merger with Siemens. They called me "Richy" but my name is Richard Dubois. 

I do not have any data terminals or scopes left but I did sell over 100 or more of them through the years. I even sold over 1200 of these little data terminal cleaning kits and had one here at home to share with you. I think I still have a data scope keyboard and Nixdorf CPU detachable 16 bit front panel here someplace. 


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