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Vintage Nixdorf Entrex Mini Computer Mag Tape 280 380 480 System Collectible

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Here we have a very collectable "Magnetic Tape" that was used on the ENTREX & NIXDORF

16 Bit 280, 380 & 480 Mini Computers back in the early 1980's.

This is a brand new unopened 200' tape that was used to backup data and programs way back in the day.

Very rare and hard to find still in the unopened factory sealed package.
The tape has a date code of 8521 - 1985 21st week  (33 years old).

It has a yellow "write ring" in the back to enable writing or if you remove the label it was write protected.

The black piece on the top of the tape is the locking dust cover and had a hook on it to hang it in tape storage units.

Very nice and interesting piece of vintage computer history. 



New message to: alwaysdrita1

Thank you, this is quite fascinating! So, you saved these 10 tapes, did you save anything else from that era at Entrex? Do you happen to have any pictures of the systems or anything related from back then?

Please forgive the questions. I wonder if you would be willing to share some more of your experience. I've read Ralph Atenasio's book "A Programmer's Tale". From his stories, you would have been at Entrex at the same time as he. I wonder if you might have known or remember him?

If you're open to it, I'd love to discuss further, perhaps by email if appropriate? You can find me here:

Much appreciated, thank you!

I worked for Entrex and left when Nixdorf Siemens started to mess everything up with a move to Cambridge. 1972 - 1989 then started my own business. The tapes are all the same.

Hi. Are all of these tapes identical?

If not, I may want to take them all, and discuss with you. I am extremely interested to know everything you can tell me about how you got your hands on these. I'm attempting to document all there is surviving on these systems:

Thank you VERY much!


2018-08-20 Update:  Seller eBay ID changed to recycle_all

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