Sunday, August 4, 2019

Nixdorf 480 80 Series Operations Manual

I acquired this from

While it seems to be from 1979-1980, and the Data/Scope Keystation style has changed to the upgraded style (and they even call it a Data/Terminal Keystation now), my hope is the system had changed little else since earlier versions...or so we can hope!
Anyway, here is the entire manual, scanned.  Enjoy!

**BONUS:  I even scanned the inserted notes and extra printed pages that were in this manual, in the exact location between the exact pages that they were found, to preserve the context, in case they were significant there.  So, when you see things that don't look like the manual right in the middle, now you know why...

WARNING:  This pdf is 146Mb in size.  So, in order not to choke your browser, you may choose to right-click the link and choose "download", rather than just click the link've been warned...

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