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Digital Computer Controls - D-116 16-Bit Computer Handbook - 1972

Well, since the Entrex 480 / Nixdorf 620 system clearly has a D-116 as it's processor, it seems that acquiring this manual was a we did!

Vintage Digital Computer controls - D-116 16-Bit Computer Handbook - 1972

For comparison, Dominique's Nixdorf 620 processor label

Well, by now the book has arrived, and it is indeed a wealth of good information!  It's in  sad physical shape as books go, with the glue for the binding nearly completely disintegrated and crumbling at the slightest touch.  The pages begun to fell out as soon as I opened it...but I didn't care!  It's the history inside that I want, and it's the history inside that I shall be providing are you ready?  Here it is... 

And, on the inside of the front cover, we find:

So let's look at these splotches that make up the book cover art close-up:

Digital Computer Controls Building, found on inside of back cover

So, now that you cared enough to scroll down to guessed can download the ENTIRE book as a PDF, courtesy of me...

WARNING:  This pdf is 65Mb in size.  In order not to choke your browser, you may choose to right-click the link and choose "download", rather than just click the link've been warned...

Everything has been flatbed scanned in the highest resolution that I could cram into a PDF, but for those grainy images that might look better in the highest resolution, I've extracted the images below.  You can right click the text below each image in order to see the ridiculously high resolution versions, which should be way more than you need...I hope...




Miscellaneous related stuff...

Mar 23, 2016 at 8:47 AM

Said that "Early in my career, I helped to design one of DG's competitor machines, the Digital Computer Controls DCC-116:"

I wonder how he would feel about this book?

Let's ask him...if we can find him...

Robert Domitz (on LinkedIn)

47 years in IT

Bernard Worst

"Design and produced industries first clone computers- D116 was the clone of the Data General Nova class minicomputer."

And more...

And something special hidden here... in Modern Data from July 1973, page 19...
Yep, that's right...what appears to be an exact copy of the book I archive and make available above on this page, is pictured buried deep in the image on this ancient ad...

2021-08-15 Update:  Another one of these books popped up on eBay.  I bid, but was outbid...evidently by more than one person, as the winning bid was more than $10 higher than my maximum bid...
 eBay Auction                                       eBay Auction Archive

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