Thursday, March 14, 2019

Nixdorf DSS 620 Service Manuals

eBay Seller vitesse1000 reports on 2019-02-26:

He was the seller of these 2 auctions.  (And I was the buyer, of course...)

Nixdorf DSS 620 Computer Service Manual - Entrex Key-to-Disc


Nixdorf DSS 620 Service Manual 1600 BPI Tape Controller - Entrex Key-to-Disc

The seller of these manuals provides vintage pictures of his work with these systems, and some fantastic background stories....thank you Brian!

Meanwhile, these manuals have arrived, and DSS 620 "Main" Service Manual is by far the most interesting and helpful.  Here's the table of contents:

And, since you've chosen to read this far, here's your reward!

You may download full PDFs of each of these schematic books, courtesy of me.

So rarely do I have a chance to give back to the Vintage Computing Restoration community, and I hope that this is one of my opportunities to do so.  So, here they are...

WARNING:  This pdf is 243Mb in size, in order not to choke your browser, you may choose to right-click the link and choose "download", rather than just click the link've been warned...

Nixdorf Service-Manual DSS 620 Schematic Book

SUPPLEMENTARY Nixdorf Service-Manual DSS 620 Schematics

And, for a slightly different format of exactly the same things,  
hyperlinked to the highest resolution download for each schematic.

But some guidelines about downloading may be in order...

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