Thursday, June 6, 2019

Entrex Data/Scope in Atari 400 800 XL XE catalog - ZiMAG

I came across this advertisement for ZiMAG magnetic media (clearly quite vintage early 80s) at 

And on PAGE 10 (or 11, depending on if you count the front cover as page 1), we clearly see an Entrex Data/Scope!  What's that doing in there?  Well...let's take a closer look...
Firstly, the chassis cover is painted this very nice dark charcoal color, which matches the advertisement colors very nicely.  I've never seen one in charcoal before, only white and off-white (or yellowed with age).  I've seen red, but then again, it could be for exactly the same "display only" reason that I suspect here.  Here's why I say this:

It sure looks like the blue and white keys have been all painted black, and that a few red and black keys have been moved around a bit.  (Note that only a few black keys show the white lettering, but most are just plain black).  
For example, the HELP! key should be on the top of the right (atop the right vertical row), but instead, it is on the extreme left middle of the main key group, which should be a red RESET key instead of the black HELP! key.
It sure looks to me like this keyboard has been modified for the aesthetics of the advertisement, rather than functionality.  Still, VERY nice job...from first glance, it is quite an attractive piece in this context.

What I'm more interested in, is the code on the screen.  Looks like standard line basic to me...was it really displayed on this Entrex, or superimposed there?It appears a bit too close to the top edge to be on a CRT, and they were all green, as far as I know, not yellow(ish).  BUT, who knows?

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