Sunday, October 27, 2019

Entrex Data/Scope turned Commodore C116

On 18/10/2019 09:55, Andreas wrote:

I found your page

with the help of Philipp Maier.  in my
collection I've an old 620 Terminal. In the 1980 I used this monitor
with an enbedded commodore c116. I through out the keyboard and build
in the commodore. Now I tried to restore this system, but the terminal
has a problem with the vertical distraction. Do you have the wiring
diagram for the Terminal?

If your are interested I'll send you some photos.

Best regards

Andreas Stamer
Wolfenb├╝ttel, Lower Saxony

Entrex Datascope PS Serial # 325625
UPDATE 2019-10-27:  After having a lovely conversation with Andreas over Skype, I was able to confirm that, alas, decades ago he did indeed discard the terminal motherboard and keyboard from this Entrex Data/Scope - Nixdorf terminal.  As we can see in the first picture, he replaced both, in a VERY creative fashion, with the full Commodore C116 computer.  But I'm glad to know that he has at least preserved the items shown above.

Andreas also provided a picture of the box of Nixdorf floppy disks below, and even though I haven't been able to receive full confirmation, I believe that he included these only because they are branded "Nixdorf", and not because they had any connection with the original Entrex 480/Nixdorf 620 system, or any components thereof.

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