Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Entrex Data/Scope CRT Replacements - GTE Sylvania 9VADP4

Well, the CRT has indeed "gone to air", with the back neck seal broken off...

So, is this the correct replacement?


Cross-referenced CRT numbers I find from the 2 above sources, pulling them out of descriptions and pictures:

GTE Sylvania
National P/N: 9VADP4
Banctec P/N: 4210

From the Motorola Chassis:
Service & Customer: HS 01620-006
Model Numbers: XM226-16
Chassis Number: M9VP106-Z00


From: <info@crtsolutions.com> (The owner of the awyungsource.ecrater.com item above)
Date: Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 3:22 PM
Subject: Re: Feedback via the RFQ [#779]
To: <mightyframect@gmail.com>

Sorry for the delay.
We don't have anything at all for these.
These are low G2 tubes, generally used for security monitors, etc.
Our tubes are High G2.
I did take a look on eBay.
Someone has 5pcs of 9VARP4 that they're selling cheap.
This tube has same characteristics as the one's you're looking for.
Ebay search for 9VARP4
Now these are not originals, they are relabeled so they may not be  
correct as I'm not familiar with the VDC part number referenced.
The price is right, worth a shot. Best of luck!

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