Saturday, December 12, 2020

Entrex 480 in Frenchtown NJ

In July of 2020, the attention of several enthusiasts in the Vintage Computing & Restoration space was drawn to this auction of an abandoned storage facility in Frenchtown, New Jersey.

I was certainly among them.  Why?  Well, the Entrex 480 shown in this auction listing.  The fact that this entire website is all about this system quite demanded it come to my attention, actually.

Well, long story short, yes, I acquired the Entrex 480 lot.  

AND the corresponding Sweda 750 lot, shown below...

Why the Sweda lot?  Well, at the time, I didn't have an extreme interest in these drives, BUT, on closer inspection, I could see what I was 95% certain were the classic 15"x15" computer boards for a DG Nova type machine, AND that I saw a label hanging off at least one of them with the logo for "ENTREX".  

Well, it didn't take too much for me to put together that if an Entrex 480 chassis was in one lot of this storage facility auction, that other parts of the system could be scattered throughout other lots as well.  And I was certain that this was one of them.

And was it?  Oh yes.  

But what was in these lots, exactly?  Well, I plan on spending the next year going through all of that, because it has all taken me on quite the adventure.

So, more on this soon.

Oh, and while I was committed to making the 2000-mile round trip to pick up the contents of these two lots, I bought some cheap "bonuses" near the end of the auction just because...well, we'll get into that later...


Update:  We were also fortunate enough to work out a deal with the winner of lot 230 below for the Three (or four?) Motorola CRT Chassis and other assorted items of interest 
found on this table:

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