Thursday, April 21, 2022

Entrex has been added to Bitsavers!

Many thanks to Al Kossow and team for scanning and making available their full collection of Entrex publications.  Very rare and unknown, mostly, until now!

Here's the collection:

Also Nixdorf has had a collection there since May 2019.

Of particular interest to us here:


And found in a "Pertec" subfolder of bitsavers:

"Nixdorf is so intent on dumping the Entrex name that they're gradually replacing nameplates on their installed equipment. However, changing the name hasn't improved the product.  It is still an Entrex with all its inherited inefficiencies. The 600 Series operating system (DPEX) is not a truly new design, but it has a few capabilities (such as 80 Series (ADEX) operating system). In an effort to keep 80 Series software upward migratable, the DPEX operating system was forced to retain many of the years old, keypunch replacement, design and programming concepts inherent in the older systems.

Nixdorf has been successful in selling as benefits "Features" we believe are shortcomings...."


Also, this John W. Rollins, Jr. oral history artifact references Entrex.  

It contains a REALLY interesting real-life case use of the Entrex System!

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