Friday, August 26, 2022

Entrex Data/Scopes (Nixdorf Keystations) spotted in Belgium on

My friend Dominique just shared these with me.  The story is:

"I also saw an ad for two Entrex terminals two month ago, 40km from my house [in Liedekerke], Unfortunately the person never answered me, It was strange because one of the two terminals was painted red (like in Knight Rider), I kept the pictures for you."
So, can we track down this seller, or these terminals?  We will certainly try, indeed!

It's a Belgian marketplace, but unfortunately the ad disappeared. I then found the person on facebook by cross-checking information but also no answers. From memory it was in the Antwerp region, in this situation, I can not tell you more alas. It was strange to see this ad anyway, like as a sign, because in fact I have never seen an Entrex terminals ad so close to my house"

At first, I thought that these *might* be the same two keystation/terminals sold in Germany back in March & April 2018, but a quick comparison of any of the tags on the inside shows that they are all completely different machines...  

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