Monday, October 25, 2021

The MERA-ELZAB 7951 Terminal for the Polish "SEECHECK" system - Clone of the Entrex Data/Scope

The MERA-ELZAB 7951 Terminal...why does it resemble an Entrex Data/Scope so closely?

And yet, is not the same?

But even the keyboard layout and key labels match the "full keyboard" layout terminals from the Entrex 480/Nixdorf 620

during an already-scheduled trip to Europe, I added a visit to Poland just to see (and hopefully buy) one of these terminals...and against all odds...I succeeded!  It's a wild story, for another video and post...

Other images from around the 'net, samples below, with 
their sources hyperlinked under each image:
One noteworthy comment on this flicker photo reads (translated from Polish):
cargo.cult 5y
Please post where this Mera terminal is located and what it was used for, I'm guessing along with the Mera 9150? For data entry into a larger system?

So guys... The terminal itself is dumb. No CPU at all, everything is done by pico. 
The terminal itself has only 12 commands. I plan to implement VT52 and add mapping lower ASCII to it.
But speaking of speed it is able to push over 12000 characters per second. It is way beyond 115200 bps can handle so no worries here. Only better interrupt management on my side is needed 😉

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