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The Mera 9150 - Mystery Polish variant of the Entrex 480 Nixdorf 620 system! (Meramat, Mera Elzab)

The Mera 9150 (Meramat) - Mystery Polish variant of the Entrex 480/Nixdorf 620 system!

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The picture name is "Muzeum Techniki BeTon19.jpg", so could this have been taken at Narodowe Muzeum Techniki w Warszawie (The National Museum of Technology in Warsaw)?
The 1970 National Census was conducted using the ICL 1902A and the Oder 1304 computers, but the real technological breakthrough came in the mid-1970s. In 1974, keyboards were introduced that significantly accelerated data transfer efficiency. Perforated cards were also abandoned in favor of a completely magnetic recording of information. The Mera 9150 data recording system (32 operator stations) became available, which greatly facilitated work on small data sets and transferring data to other carriers. Thanks to the ICL 7503 teletransmission computer, it is also possible to exchange data between units.

At the beginning of the 1970s, it was possible to master the programming language that allowed the cooperation of Odra and ICL devices. IT specialists developed the TELZIS system (telegraphic collection of reporting information), which interconnected telex networks with the Mera 9150 microcomputer, which significantly accelerated the work and reduced the number of errors. The first OCRs also appeared. In 1976 it was possible to read data from paper questionnaires thanks to the Scan-Data 2250 optical reader. As a result, the 1978 General Census of Population and Housing was prepared on the basis of data recorded only on magnetic tapes.

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"MERA 9150 system - the name of a multi-station data recording system manufactured by Warszawskie Zaklad Urzadzen Informatyki MERAMAT.  The equipment of s.M.9150 consists of a control block, operator terminals and a character-mosaic printer.  The control unit is an integrated set of three devices: central unit, disk memory and tape memory, and allows entering data from keypads to magnetic disk for transient storage, and then saving the checked data on magnetic tape.  The central unit can control..."


While I'm at this museum, I REALLY need to see this one too...This thing is just...awesome...

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